Sail on an unique catamaran along the best beaches in Ibiza anchoring for swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding off the main coves such as Calabassa and Cala Conta. Sail next to Conejera island and across the bay of San Antonio at the west side of Ibiza, to enjoy a breathtaking sunset on board our luxurious catamaran right in front of Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo.

Sail a catamaran along the best beaches and coves in Ibiza. Starting from a permanent berth at the luxurious yacht club of San Antonio (Ibiza), you will set sail to the gorgeous beach of Calabassa (considered to be one of the top 10 beaches in Spain and #10 of 243 things to do in Ibiza according to Tripadvisor). Drop the anchor for swimming, snorkeling and lunch, which you can have either on board or at the fancy beach restaurant on shore. The Calabassa Beach Club offers a variety of choices, including: paella, local food from Ibiza, a sushi bar, and even pizza and hamburgers! After lunch, you will sail approximately 1 hour to the breathtaking Cala Comte Beach (Cala Conta) and will anchor there to swim in the most turquoise waters in Ibiza ( Tripadvisor #2 of 243 things to do in Ibiza)

Then you will sail off to Conejera island and finally, right before sunset, sail and stop in front of Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar to witness one of the most stunning sunsets of your life. Some have said that this is the most special moment of the day because the catamaran rests in front of hundreds of people who gather to watch the sunset giving you the best seat in the house! As the sun sets over the horizon, the never ending applause and music echoing from the shoreline add to the already impressive visual beauty making your trip to Ibiza complete.

Once the sun sets, you will sail back to the yacht club in San Antonio. This will only take us 10 minutes. The fee also includes access to the yacht club's showers and facilities, so you can shower and get ready for dinner and your evening on the island without having to go through the hassle of returning to your hotel or apartment.

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