Gazing upon Cap Des Flaco from one of our luxury smart charters while the wind gently kisses your hair in the ocean breeze you really get a sense of how young we are and how old and magnificent these natural formations are.

The most southern tip of Ibiza - Cap Des Falco
Layer upon layer of geological rock, stacked like giant rugs on top of one another create a breath taking cliff face that represents an ancient timeline of the land.'Perfect for a cheaky dip in the ocean to cool off after a relaxing day in the sun.

Your captain can provide you with a snorkel and mask, so throw some chips into the water, immerse yourself in the ocean and watch the marine life surround you like the stars in the night.
The perfect backdrop for your next profile picture, make sure you stay to watch the sun settle gently over the horizon.

It is only one of our suggestions for you perfect day on boat! Your own ideas and wishes are very welcome!

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