Zip through the water like a fish with a state-of-the-art Seabob, a truly unique aquatic experience. This 8-hour Seabob rental in Ibiza includes a full safety briefing from an instructor. Master your controls and then dive below the waves, holding tight as you twist and turn through the water at your desired speed, propelled by your powerful Seabob. This high-demand Ibiza activity is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill!

Head to Ibiza’s San Antonio port at your start time to meet your instructor. Receive a safety briefing, get outfitted with your snorkel mask and learn how to master the controls of your personal Seabob. A lightweight, handheld propeller device, the Seabob lets you whiz effortlessly through water — an exciting and unique water sports experience. When you're ready, take your Seabob for a 1-hour spin!
Enjoy the feeling of moving through the water like a fish as you explore Ibiza's warm waters and swim over the sea bed in search of marine life. Use the gears to control your speed, and switch directions with a simple twist of the wrists.
Head back to the beach after one hour to conclude your Seabob adventure.

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